Glitchy Phone – a country song

Verse 1:

My phone’s been acting up, it’s glitchy all the time

I can’t seem to get a good signal on this line

I try to make a call, but it always drops the sound

I’m feeling so frustrated and it’s bringing me down


Glitchy phone, won’t you work for me?

I need you to ring when I’m feeling lonely

Don’t leave me hanging, don’t let me down

Glitchy phone, please turn my frown around.

Verse 2:

My phone’s been acting up, it’s glitching all the time

I try to make a call, but the screen just won’t abide

I swear I wanna scream, throw it against the wall

But then I take a deep breath and remember who I am

Chorus 2:

Glitchin’ ain’t nothin’ but a bump in the road

Gotta keep on truckin’ with this heavy load

Life may shake us up, toss us ’round like a toy

But we’ll stay strong and keep on makin’ some noise.